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Careers at OPTASY
Located in Toronto, Canada, we are a digital marketing firm with perfect solutions that finds our clients winning in their own industry.

But Who Is OPTASY?
A more than valid question, indeed!

Well, just pick whichever answer suits you best, from the ones listed here below (since each one of them best describes OPTASY as a team and as a company):
  • we're an on-site and in-house team of Drupal experts
  • we're a full-service software provider with a confirmed “weakness” for full-cycle web projects
  • we're a group of digital lab “geeks” with a strong passion for the new, disruptive technologies
  • we're a web development team with proven Drupal expertise, yet the range of web technologies that we have a hands-on experience with is way wider: Laravel, React, Angular...
  • we're a group of... innovators (and we accept the risk of breaking the unwritten “laws” of modesty by stating this): with every tough challenge that we face, while working on our clients' web projects, we create unique solutions tailored to meet those specific web projects' needs
  • we're a web development team addicted to challenges and highly passionate about what we do, as simple as that!
Oh, and we almost forgot: "we play well with others", too! We're friendly.

Contact details:
  • address: 2275 Upper Middle Road E, Suite 101, Toronto, Ontario, L6H 0C3
  • phone: (416) 243-2431
  • web:

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